Real Estate

Whether you are trying to sell or promote your property or business, or just show off what you've got in your local area, a drones-eye-view is always sure to bring in the punters!
Prices for aerial shots of your property start from just £50

Event Filming

Are you hosting a special event? Capture the day in a fun and unusual way.
By combining aerial, still and time-lapse photography and film we can provide a short film capturing the essence of the day.
Prices start from £500.


Similar to our events service, we will combine footage we capture from both air and ground along with stills from your main photographer to create a wonderful memory for you to cherish in years to come. It's also a lovely way to show your friends and family what your day was like without boring them with a 2 hour, 700 photo slideshow!!
Prices start from £500.


Here at JDB Images we have a bit of a thing for cars! If you would like some pics of your pride and joy let us know.
Prices start from £50.
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